Coral Gables Hair Extension Specialist

Coral Gables Hair Extension Specialist

Coral Gables Hair Extension Specialist

Different Methods of Getting Hair Extensions. We live in a generation of instantaneous joy. We use the remote control for the instant switching of channels. We have instant messages sent to friends across the other side of the globe via instant messaging. With all of these, we need to learn not to fuss and fumble over time and space to get what we want, when we want it, and where we want it.

In the world of beauty, we don’t have to wait for hair to grow month after month. It is now possible to have the hair we want. We can choose not only its length but also its color and texture. How is that for an instant hair?This can easily be done by a Coral Gables hair extension specialist.

Hair Extension is a craze endorsed by beauty experts in the world’s fashion centers. Famous names like Jessica Simpson and Racquel Welch wear, advocate and market them. Extension procedures have been improved and developed over the years. Thus, we have many types and methods.

Micro Hair Extension. This micro hair extension technique uses silicone micro ring or microcylinder. It uses no glue, no wax, no heat nor chemicals. A strand of natural hair is combined with a strand of extension of the same color and texture and placed inside the microring using a unique technique. This is easy and painless to install. Short hair is instantly transformed to long hair strand by strand using the micro hair extension. This method is also known as a micro loop or micro link hair extension.

Weft Hair Extension. This method also utilizes rings and loops. Weft hair extension can be of several sub-types. One sub-type is called Flat tracks. This is different from the micro hair extension method which works with strands.

Clip-in. As the name implies, the extension is clipped into the natural hair by the Coral Gables hair extension specialist . This is the cheapest and the easiest type because they are temporary. It may take a few minutes to put on and being removed at night before going to bed.

You can choose the Coral gables weave for soft and wavy curls. Coral Gables extensions are the rarest kind. It offers the silkiest, purest and most expensive extensions. It is not chemically processed. These types have nothing to do with its geographical origin, but classified by its morphology, by the shape of its cross section. The Coral Gables Hair Extension Specialist will also help advice on the best way to get hair extensions.

Consult with a Coral Gables hair extension specialists to what type of extension works best for you. There are many other types and methods aside from these four basic ones. All of them give you an option as to the color, texture, and length of your choice.