Coral Gables Hair System Tape

Coral Gables Hair System Tape

Coral Gables Hair System Tape

At Siutse we provide the best hair system tape in Coral Gables and while we understand that choosing the right hairpiece tape for your hair might be challenging, our team of qualified hair techs will help you through the process.

We have taken our time to provide you with the most basic information that will act as guidelines to help you select a tape system based on your unique needs.

  • Daily wear

If you are the kind of person that seeks to bind their hair system but remove it on a daily basis or in close intervals then you might prefer going for a low-tack tape that is equally secure but specifically designed for short-term use.

This hair system tape can be removed safely from the scalp without damaging its base.

  • Extended wear

On average, extended wear hair system tapes are designed to last a minimum one week and up to one month. At Siutse, we boast the largest extended wear collections in Coral Gables.

  • Oily skin

Chances that a hair system tape will break down are higher among people with very oily skins. Whether you are attaching your hair system for just a day or for a month, we have a large selection of hair system tapes in rolls, strips, contours, and mini tabs in Coral Gables that we know will be ideal just for your skin type.

  • Sensitive skin

We have hair system tapes manufactured to medical grade for people with sensitive scalp skin. Contact our Coral Gables offices for further information on this.

We want to help you achieve your dream hair goals and have a dedicated support team in Coral Gables that will answer all your hair system tape questions and offer professional assistance.

Our hair extensions are sourced from several countries where the hair is of the utmost quality.