Coral Gables Keratin Specialist

Coral Gables Keratin Specialist

Coral Gables Keratin Specialist

Get Amazing Keratin Hair Extensions at Coral Gables The hair industry is always finding new ways to advance its beauty treatments. One of the newest additions in the beauty industry is the keratin hair extension. Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in hair. Your Coral Gables Keratin Specialist will take you through the entire process of getting your desired mane.

Hair extensions are perfect for anyone who wants to add extra length or extra volume to their hair. Many celebrities use this treatment to get their desired hair lengths and it has become a favorite for many brides.

How it works

Keratin hair extensions come in many colors and shades, hence giving you a wide spectrum to choose from. In the event that you wish to get hair extensions that match your hair color, you may have to book a prior appointment with your Coral Gables Keratin Specialist in order to get the exact shade. If you are willing to try any color, your hair specialist will often have a wide array of options at hand.

The hair extension application process entails partitioning, positioning, and application. Your hair will be partitioned in rows to enable easy application. The hairdresser will then proceed to hold a few strands of your hair in a bunch and then hold the keratin hair extension in place.

The hair extension comes in the usual format of several strands of hair, but in this case, the end contains a keratin bond. The end with the keratin bond is attached to your hair, a few inches from the root. The Coral Gables Keratin Specialist will use an ultrasonic machine to bond the keratin extension to your natural hair. The ultrasonic machine produces waves that ‘melt’ the keratin onto your hair. The result of this process is a bridge on your hair that may feel like a knot. The process is repeated all around the head on the partitioned strands of hair in every row.

Some people opt to get extensions on the whole head while others opt to get half the head done. The extensions will be added according to your preference and the Coral Gables Keratin Specialist will offer professional advice on the best look for you. Lastly, the extensions are trimmed to your desired length to give you a natural look.

Notably, the hair extensions will last for four to six months depending on how well you take care of them. The best part is that the extensions contain 100% virgin Remy human hair that will easily blend with your natural hair.