Miami Beach Keratin Specialist

Miami Beach Keratin Specialist

Miami Beach Keratin Specialist

Most Common Types of Hair Extensions The popularity of hair extensions has been on the increase with many ladies learning how beneficial they are. Not only will you enhance your beauty with a hair extension but also enjoy an extended period of service. However, when purchasing natural hair extensions, it is advisable to look for a qualified Miami Beach keratin specialist to fix you. Besides, you should take good care of them by properly washing, shampooing, conditioning, and drying them. Below are some of the popular types of hair extension in the market:

Keratin System

Essentially, keratin is a fiber protein that is present in the natural hair. Also called fusion hair extensions, keratin system is composed entirely of human Remy hair. These hair extensions are designed with a layer of keratin at one end in order to be fused together with the client’s hair. Once fixed by a Miami Beach Keratin Specialist, this system can serve you for 4 to 6 months.

Tape-in Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are some of the most common extensions currently in use. They don’t take too long to be installed and then don’t require further visits to the salon for adjustment. This seamless tape system is glued to either side of your natural hair using heat. Tape-in extensions can easily last 8 to 10 weeks when administered by a qualified Miami Beach keratin specialist. However, you should be careful with the use of heavy conditioners because they can cause the extensions to slip.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the most temporary type of extensions, if you need to give your hair a new look for a function or a party, apply clip in extensions, and you are all set. The good point about these extensions is that they can be placed anywhere on the head and are available in all types of colors, styles, and textures. Thus making them a great option which can be put in and taken out in a very short time.

Micro Beads

These last for a few months and are also known as micro-bead extensions because they are applied to the natural hair, and finished using a metal bead. Since the extensions are looped through your natural hair, you can choose to move the beads up and down to a certain extent if you want. To prevent the beads from slipping, don’t out conditioner near the beads. If the beads are made of metal, they require a little heat to be set up; silicon beads don’t need any heat or glue.


Miami Beach Keratin Specialist will give you an improved look with the hair extension of your choice. These specialists have a thorough knowledge of all the hair extensions and the appropriate method to use when fixing them.