Best Miami Natural Hair Extensions

Best Miami Natural Hair Extensions

Best Miami Natural Hair Extensions

Miami Best Natural Hair Extensions: Get Your Dream Hair Today! If you are looking for Miami best natural hair extensions, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Siutse, we offer human Remy hair extensions. We meticulously select the extensions we use to ensure that we only use the strongest strands.
What do we mean by Remy hair extensions? This simply means that the cuticles of our hair face the same direction. This way, they’re very easy to manage.

At Siutse Hair Extensions, we have three main products:

1. Clip in hair extensions
2. Tape systems
3. Keratin hair systems

Below are details of each of these.

1. Clip in Hair Extensions

Our professionals perfectly install clip in hair extensions. The seven clip-in hair extensions include:- 7 pieces (120gr.)
– Blow dry
– Shampoo
– Hair cut
– Installation
– Kit Argan oil

Clip-in hair extensions are simply wonderful. They are very easy to apply in just a few minutes. You can use different colors. They can also be easily straightened, curled and washed.

2. Tape system

Here the human Remy hare are made with keratin adhesive. It has an absolutely incomparable adhesive system that will not fall out once properly placed. The product also stays in place without the need of applying any heat.

This system stays put for 8 to 10 weeks. It takes just 35 minutes to place this system.

3. Keratin Hair System

Here the extensions are superbly designed with a layer of keratin. This is to make it properly fuse with the hair of the client. Keratin is a protein fiber that is found in the natural hair of human beings. After fusion, the system will stay put for 4-6 months.


We always do our best to ensure our clients are totally satisfied. We pride in helping our clients get their dream hair. We have many repeat clients who love our Miami best natural hair extensions. For excellent and unmatched hair extensions in Miami, call either (305) 949-1761 or (305) 949-1762 or visit us today.

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