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Enjoy our special in any method of hair extensions !!!

We only used the best quality hair 100% human Remy.

We do specialize in Balayage, hair botox and keratin treatment.

Hair extensions service pricing include : shampoo/blow dry , hair extensions, installation, cut and style.


SERVICE BRAID LESS SEW IN 20″(Hair Extensions and application)

1 WEFT $395
2 WEFTS $680
3 WEFTS $940
4 WEFTS $1,190

SERVICE TAPE IN 20″(Hair Extensions and application)

20 Pieces $385
40 Pieces $585
60 Pieces $830
80 Pieces $1,040
100 Pieces $1,310
120 Pieces $1,520

SERVICE TAPE IN 24″(Hair Extensions and application)

20 Pieces $435
40 Pieces $720
60 Pieces $970
80 Pieces $1,195
100 Pieces $1,430

SERVICE MICRO BEADS & KERATIN FUSION 20″(Hair Extensions and application)

20 Pieces $400
40 Pieces $520
60 Pieces $640
80 Pieces $755
100 Pieces $870
120 Pieces $990
140 Pieces $1,135
160 Pieces $1,290
180 Pieces $1,470
200 Pieces $1,665

SERVICE MICRO BEADS & KERATIN FUSION 24″(Hair Extensions and application)

20 Pieces $470
40 Pieces $580
60 Pieces $750
80 Pieces $850
100 Pieces $960
120 Pieces $1,180
140 Pieces $1,280
160 Pieces $1,400
180 Pieces $1,590
200 Pieces $1,760

Hair Extensions Miami – Best Miami Hair Extensions Miami Salon

Application and Hair Extensions

SIUTSE HAIR EXTENSIONS we welcome you to experience the most unbelievable, natural hair extensions techniques on the market today we create extensions with human remy hair, that are invisible and non damaging to your natural hair.

Our team have a distinct eye for detail based on our client’s needs., We are a hair extensions technicians and Stylists with over 12 years experience so we are able to cut and blend your hair extensions with a professional style giving you the most natural and undetectable finish.

Call us today at Coral Gables (305) 4562989 to make an appointment and experience the outstanding quality and incomparable level of service that we provide.

Best Hair Extension Salon in Miami
All colors & lengths in sock

SIUTSE HAIR EXTENSIONS SALON & STORE in Miami we have in stock over 20 colors and different lengths to satisfy any client need and be sure of the quality of the hair.

At Siutse Hair Extensions our experienced stylists are professionally trained and inspired by the latest techniques of hair extensions. We offer a range of hair extensions such as seamless tape system, keratin system, weft hair , keratin treatment and more.

Don’t wait any longer, get the hair of your dreams !

Hair Extensions Miami,Hair Extensions Miami Hair Salon – Best Hair Extensions Salon,Coral Gables Miami

The Best Hair Extensions Available Now at our Miami Salon!

We Have different types of beautiful Hair Extensions

Offering you amazing hair extensions in Miami by the best Salon for
hair extensions using the best technique for hair extension system.

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We are a Clip-in hair extensions Miami ,Hair Extensions Miami Hair Salon.
Our Clip-in hair extensions Salons are composed by professionals to help you with the extensions.
We have a grat experience putting in hair extensions, in our salon we have the commitment to give you the best service
with the best products because you are very important for us.

best hair extensions salon Miami !
Having properly maintained hair is the ream of every woman. It’s regarded as every woman’s biggest asset too. Then, there are a good number of women who feel a little bit unhappy with how their hair looks like and it could be in terms of colour, curls or even texture.That does not have to be a worry. Being the best hair extension salon Miami, our outstanding hair extension services will make your hair achieve that colour, length and texture that you desire. We guarantee you that your hair will have the best total makeover that will last for a good time depending on your hair.

As the best hair extension salon Miami, !

our hair extension services will help you get over the discomfort you may be experiencing with your hair an example could be balding spots that you may wish to camouflage, which in most cases could be as a result of age, pollution or even undesired chemicals you may have used before.

By opting for our services be assured that you are choosing the best hair extension salon Miami as we assure you that we will work towards ensuring that we blend the hair extensions with the natural looks and make sure it appears absolutely real. Nevertheless, for you to have a longer run with the hair extension, proper care is required. Our salon offers different types of

beautiful hair extensions !

services to its clients all over the place with the best quality work and at affordable prices.

We specialize in hair extensions amongst other services regardless of whether it is straight hair, wavy hair or fusion pre-glued hair. There is no doubt that there are various methods of carrying out hair extensions, however, we are best hair extension salon Miami with professionals that have years of vast experience. So, by visiting us today, there is absolutely no fear of hair damage that will result out of our procedures.


Do you wish to get the best hair style in Florida, then, increase the length and quality of the hair but have it short, thin and dull hair? Hair is the solution which can fulfill your dreams. Hair extensions are becoming prominent among people who cannot wait for growth of naturally. There are various extension salons in the city but you need to pick the best one for your. So, let us know about the extension and best extension salons.

What are best miami hair extensions salon florida fl !

Hair extensions are special pieces that are attached as additional to a person’s natural style. It is usually performed for adding length, color and thickness. There are various extension techniques used by the experts to attach in very less span of time and that too without using any harmful chemical or heat. With the extension technique, the user feels and looks more attractive and beautiful.

Who can avail the benefits of hair extensions? !

People who are suffering from loss or thinning problem due to some health problem can also go for the extension procedure in our miami salon. With this procedure, people suffering from above mentioned problems can be confident and enhance their personality. Not only women but men can also avail the benefits of hair extensions. Many celebrities also get to meet the demand of a movie role or for the personal desire as well. Extensions have become much more practical and affordable for every customer whether he or she is a celebrity or a common man.

Hair extensions need some care.

When you are done with your extension in a salon, you need to keep the extensions as new as it was the very first day of application. Follow some hair extensions care tips which are described in some sites because the better you care, the longer they will last.

Our Hair Extensions Miami Hair Extensions Miami Hair Salon staff works carefully with
clients to get the best hair extensions hairstyles in florida fl.

Our passion is to offer hair extensions salons Miami services.
Our Salon and our store let us give you a grat experience in our
salons providing you best hair extensions in South Florida.

Best clip hair extension salons !

The reputation of the best extensions salon depends on its number of satisfied customers. The more satisfied customers, the more trustworthy are its services. Second, the number of awards the salon has owned. You can go through the customer reviews to know about the amount of satisfaction of the customers in the hair extensions salon in miami.

Hair natural extension in fl !

comes in a huge variety of natural colors like brown, red, black and texture including straight, wavy and curly. It is a great way to add color to your without changing the actual color of your hair. Then, give you an opportunity to treat your only to the best extensions salon in miami. Your hair is your pride so trust the one which you think is worth trusting.
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If your hair isn’t the way you want it to be, in consequence you just cannot seem to be able to make it grow to your liking or maybe it has always been that way, you wish to explore hair extensions in miami, if you haven’t already tried them. Not only have they become extremely affordable at most hair extensions salons, they are also incredibly natural looking and give you the perfect look.

It is essential to find a specialist salon that does the perfect job with your extensions. Consider three tips to help you decide which of your nearest

hair extensions salons in Miami !
is the best one for you:

One. Real Hair: the Hair extensions made out with real hair are the only ones worth your money, because artificial extensions just don’t look as natural. You must only try out salons that offer real hair extensions. Look for a long variety of beautiful colors and lengths, where you can find the ones that perfectly suit your needs.

Two. Great look and invisible attachments: Always ask how visible your extension attachments are gong to be. Ideally, you do not want them to be visible at all. Most good hair extensions salons will do a good job to ensure that your extensions are invisible. You must always check for salons that have experienced professionals as they will do a great job of ensuring that the extensions are attached perfectly without being visible.

Three. Extensions that do not damage your real hair: It is important that your natural hair remains undamaged. You don’t want hair extensions to damage your natural hair in any way. Extensions should be easy to remove as well as easy on your natural hair. Remember that Great extensions and perfect attachments usually ensure that your natural hair is not harmed.

Hair extensions make you look great and make you more confident and bold. These three tips will help you, the next time you are going to look for the best hair extensions salon in Miami.

Best Hair salon in Miami!

Best Hair Salon in Miami!

Best Hair salon in Miami!

If you look for the: Best Hair salon in Miami!,
Siutse is the perfect place to head to get the best and most updated hairstyle in America. With a diverse, large population, mild winters and hot, dry summers, the men and women of the Miami hair salon are experts,
working in hair salons all over Sacramento. With such a big city and so many salons to choose from when
needing some beautification, the people of Miami City must match the: Best Hair salon in Miami!,
carefully with what services they want to have done.

The: Best Hair salon in Miami!,
must be able to cater to a diverse cultural populace, being able to do a great job with all kinds of skin tones, hair textures, and body types. At the same time,Best Hair salon in Miami
there’re a variety of places that are knowledgeable in trends for different groups of people that only offer specific services. This type of Miami hair salon will do
a dynamite job with someone at any age, of any group, and may offer hair services such as haircuts, colorings, perms, and styling the coiffures of clients.

If you are looking for the: Best Hair salon in Miami!,
and you want to have a manicure done along with a haircut, make sure that your salon of choice can do both for you, unless you don’t mind salon hopping. Condider that some hair salons in Miami do much more than
hair and dub themselves full-service salons. Full-service salons can pamper you with haircuts, hair color correction,hair color, perms, reconditioning, tanning,permanent makeup, manicures, and pedicures.
The Best: Best Hair salon in Miami!,
is the perfect place to get any of these services done.

You may come across a hair salon Miami that is referred to as a day spa. These hair salons perform services that can be accomplished with just a bit of time, in the middle of the day.
Massages, haircuts,facials and hairstyles are the principal features of the: Best Hair salon in Miami!,
. Some more specialized, narrow focused hair salons can be found in Miami, too. There’re those salons that specialize in the application and use of special hair treatments
to correct a wide variety of hair issues, including color disasters and treating brittle, dry, broken hair. These salons are great to get more intense help for hair problems.
If you are looking for the: Best Hair salon in Miami!,
it is the place.

Another great type of Miami hair salon are those hair salons that specializes in hair extensions and artificial hair pieces. The professionals that work in this type of hair salon not only have to be experts with a steady hand and a lot of patience, but they are also required to be color experts, matching the artificial hairs color exactly to that of the natural hairs color.

If you are not sure where to look or how to start to find the perfect hair salon in Miami for you, call some local hair salons in miami establishments to have a professional offer you a consultation to talk to you more about what they can do for you. Discovering the many types of services available and making sure you choose the right place to attain a new look is tons of fun when it comes to choosing a hair salon Miami style!


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Beauty Parlor

A Beauty Parlor, also called a beauty center, institute of beauty or
aesthetics, is an establishment in which all kinds of services related
to beauty and image care are provided, performed by beauticians, such
as skin care , hairdressing, hand, foot and nail care, facial
aesthetics or waxing, among others. Beauty Parlors can offer various
services or be specialized centers.

Beauty Parlor

What are Beauty Parlors

A Beauty
is known as a commercial establishment that offers
different services oriented towards hygiene and the arrangement or
beautification of both Hairstyle and skin, hands and feet. Generally,
Beauty Parlors are attended by expert and qualified personnel, known as
beauticians. It is also common for these establishments to offer
different quality products for sale for professional use.

In some places the name of Beauty Parlor or aesthetics is given
interchangeably, but in other parts the Beauty Parlor is just a
hairdresser for women, and instead the aesthetics can be unisex. The
name of aesthetics is also given to establishments in which the range
of services is very wide and of high quality, and where, in addition,
the treatment given to customers can be of absolute privacy.

Since ancient times, importance has been given to the way of wearing
the Hairstyle and in general to personal grooming. The concept of
Beauty Parlor has its beginnings in ancient Greece and it was the
wealthiest people who came to receive treatments and services to
enhance their beauty. At that time, fats of animal origin, mixtures of
flowers and herbs, etc., were already used for the production of
creams, make-up and other cosmetics.

The concept of the Beauty Parlor that we have today is due to the
Canadian Martha Matilde Harper, who between the late 19th and early
20th centuries also created the concept of what is now known as

Currently in a beauty or aesthetic salon the services offered can be
very varied. Among the most noteworthy are haircuts, application of
dyes, highlights, highlights, curling, straightening, treatments or
masks. Regarding skin treatments, different types of masks are offered,
such as moisturizing, rejuvenating, anti-acne, exfoliating, etc. It is
also possible to receive massages of various types, waxing with
different techniques, tanning either in a tanning bed or with an

In Beauty Parlors different types of hairstyles, makeup and
arrangements are made depending on the occasion. Nowadays, when it
comes to brides, it is very common that wedding packages are offered in
which the aesthetic staff even go to the home to fix the bride and her
closest relatives.

Usually to go to the Beauty Parlor to receive any type of service, an
appointment is required, since each of the services and treatments
requires a certain time, both for the preparation of the facilities and
products and for the application of the themselves.

Source: Guías Prácticas


Firstly, in ancient Egypt, physical appearance was very careful but
there was no specific place to practice its activities such as: milk
baths, skin exfoliations, makeup on the face, manicures, haircuts,
among other things. most symbolic of the time.

It was not until Ancient Greece that Beauty Parlors began to have a
place in society, where only the most select heads were combed. This
began from the birth of artistic expressions and the vanity acquired
thanks to which they began to use animal fat and mixtures of herbs that
they collected to create creams and makeup that were exclusive to the
upper class to beautify themselves a little more, giving a guideline to
all kinds of solutions, hairstyles, jewelry, clothing, etc. The modern
concept of the female Beauty Parlor was developed by a Canadian, Martha
Matilde Harper (1857-1950), who somehow also invented the current
concept of franchises in business.


Personal care was something very symbolic that was taken up again in
the Renaissance, where the hairstyles of the Greeks, for example, were
imitated again using braids and perfect bows as well as crowns and
jewels; The difference was that these elements could be used by all of
society and not only by those who had a high rank, such as the use of
lotions and perfumes that due to the poor cleaning that were had at
that time were used to hide the lack of hygiene staff and bad smells.


At this stage, the Court gives great importance to parties and beauty,
but at the same time they neglected the State a lot to allow themselves
these luxuries. Many jewels and accessories were used that reached the
extravagant. Both women and men took great care of their Hairstyle and
clothing, to the point of having to endure rigid fabrics or hairstyles
and shoes that hurt and could harm people’s health just by keeping up
with fashion.

XIX century

With the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution,
simplicity was established as a line to follow in all senses, no longer
using fancy wigs and beads. Hygienic measures increased and new
professions emerged, including hairdressing. The hairdressers worked
mainly at home in the case of the women of the bourgeoisie; men on the
other hand continued to go to the barber to get their Hairstyle.

Source: Wikipedia

Beauty Parlor : Martha Matilda Harper

Source: BBC News Mundo

There are stories that about Beauty
Parlours Origin
, despite being extraordinary, are being
forgotten. And by not remembering them, we run the risk of assigning
the wrong person credit for something extraordinary as Beauty Parlours

If I asked you who was the creator of  Modern Beauty Parlours

A Canadian woman had already devised and successfully put into practice
the model we are so used to today: the one that offers us the same
thing anywhere in the world.

Think Starbucks coffee shops, Zara clothing stores, the Hilton hotel
chain, Subway sandwich restaurants and you can see how influential
their idea was.

However, you may not have heard her name mentioned often.

Her name was Martha Matilda Harper the creator of Modern Beauty Parlour, and
her story began with what is now a crime in her home country: at the
age of 7 she was working.

From sun to shade

She was born in Ontario, Canada in 1857, and it was her father who sent
her to the town that would later be called Rochester – today the 2nd
largest economy in the state of New York, USA – to work as a servant
for a uncle, his wife and two other aunts.

The girl thus had to bear the heavy burden of taking care of the house
and the farm to send her meager salary to her family.

It is tempting to continue telling this story by saying that when she
was about 12 years old, she was lucky enough to be employed in a
doctor’s house, because with him she learned the basics of what it
would take her to amass a fortune.

But talking about luck would detract from Harper’s achievement, so
let’s talk more about an opportunity he seized, as nothing would have
happened if that young woman had not forged a plan and worked hard to
make it happen.

The doctor

The name of the doctor she worked with is not known for sure, but he
did share with her his knowledge of anatomy, particularly in relation
to hairstyles.

It taught her the physiology of hair and the importance of stimulating
blood flow to the scalp; She explains that keeping hair clean was
essential to keeping it healthy and beautiful, in a time when the idea
of washing it was often almost revolutionary.

In addition, on his deathbed, he gave her the formula of a secret tonic
made of herbs that should be “rubbed vigorously into the scalp”, after
receiving “hair brushed with foam of Castile soap”, and then “rinsed
with water warm “.

All of this was done by the apprentice, and ever since then and forever
she wore her abundant brown hair that cascaded almost to the ground
proudly … a mane that would play a key role in what was to come.

But before the future passes, Harper would still have to work as a maid
for several more years before create Modern Beauty
, until she raises the money to start the venture
that would make her famous.

So she took all her knowledge and the secret formula with her to the
mansion of her next employers.

By then, Harper was 25 years old, and in her new workplace, after doing
her housework, she was making her tonic.

Soon, not only her boss but also her wealthy friends began to enjoy her
beauty treatments.

Harper also attended to how many classes were open to women, to obtain
the education that was never available to her.

In 1888 she had finally managed to save enough money to be able to
realize her dream: to open a public  Beauty Parlour.

Unfortunately she fell ill from exhaustion

It was cared for by a woman named Helen Smith, a believer in Christian
Science, a religious and spiritual belief system established in the
19th century that emphasized good health and the empowerment of women.

Harper adopted that philosophy that would be reflected in her company.

Once recovered, she found the place where she would establish
her  Beauty Parlour, but she ran into a great obstacle: in
itself, the fact that a woman who wanted to open a business was already
alarming, but that this business was a Beauty Parlour , it was out of

At that time, as well as clothes, dirty hair was washed at home … if
it was washed: no respectable woman – they told her – would go to a
place like the one she had in mind, and no respectable building would
house such deal.

But Harper knew she needed her Beauty Parlour to be in the most
respectable of buildings.”

The great innovation

With a renewable lease every month, the until then maid posted a photo
of herself with her longhair down, to show the results that using her
products and care could produce, and opened the doors of the Harper Beauty Parlour.

Although he initially struggled to attract customers, he managed to
turn things around so successfully that two years later he had
high-society women begging him to do something so they could serve them
in other cities.

But how?

From the beginning, Harper had chosen to hire assistants who were women
like her, from humble, working-class origins, used to serving and
working hard.

Her great idea was to get women with that same profile, so that they
would be at the head of Beauty Parlours that should be identical to her.

But, true to her conviction that economic independence was key to the
liberation of women, she did not make them her employees: she made them
the owners of her businesses.

Thus, she became a pioneer of social entrepreneurship.

She also developed other innovative policies, including what we now
call flexible hours, profit sharing, child care in the workplace, and
paid time off.

But before we get overlooked, what he envisioned was the business model
he deserves credit for: the first modern retail franchise operation.

And she did so by giving the correct meaning to the word franchise,
which comes from French and literally means “to free oneself from

Harper Inc Beauty Parlour.

It all started with two Beauty Parlours inaugurated in 1891, which
eventually grew to 500, located in cities in the US, Central America,
Europe and Asia.

Her associates, known as “Harperitas”, studied the “Harper method”,
which included hygiene, nutrition and exercise, in one of the 5
training centers.

The mission of Harper Beauty Parlour, whose environment was to be
serene and private, was to enhance the inner beauty of clients by
promoting healthy skin and hairs and reducing the stresses of everyday

They used a complete line of 100% natural beauty products made in their
own laboratories.

And the emphasis on customer care, on taking care of their well-being,
even led her to invent a reclining chair and a sink with a notch in the
neck to ensure her comfort while washing and massaging her heads.

Precisely that chair and washbasin that you find today in Beauty Parlours.

The Harperitas pledged to exclusively use her products, to replicate
her philosophy and to share their profits with her.

In return, they received – in addition to training – equipment and
publicity, and the right to use a brand that was becoming more and more

The great achievement

Prominent members of international society came to their salons to
receive neck, shoulder and head massages, and all the hairdressing
services, as well as various other beauty treatments.

It is said that while negotiating the Treaty of Versailles, US
President Woodrow Wilson traveled to Paris every night to the Harper
Beauty Parlour to have his scalp massaged.

Harper’s loyal clients included members of the British royal family,
the German Kaiser, actress Helen Hayes, Rose, and Joseph Kennedy, and
later, Jacqueline Kennedy and Lady-Bird Johnson.

At its peak, the Harper living room network “did not set the sun.”

But that wasn’t exactly what made that real-life Rapunzel happy, whose
hair had saved her without the need for princes but rather for brains.

For her, “the great achievement of the Harper Method does not consist
in the large number of our Beauty Parlours … The great achievement of
the Harper empire is the women it has made,” as recorded in the
company’s newsletter in 1926.

Why the oblivion?

When she was 63, Harper married Robert MacBain, a man 23 years her
junior who liked to be called “The Captain.”

And when she felt too old to run the company, she passed the reins to
her husband.

MacBain began to transform the company, introducing chemical and
permanent colorants (which were prohibited by Harper, who used strictly
natural products), explains Jane Plitt, author of 3 biographies about
Martha Matilda Harper and one of the people responsible for rescuing
her from oblivion.

Additionally, Plitt notes, “The Captain” introduced a network of male
leaders that transformed “the spirit” of the firm.

With the abandonment of the fundamental principles, the company lost
much of its distinctive character.

By the time MacBain sold the company in the 1970s, it was a shadow of
what it had been.

However that does not explain why Martha Matilda Harper, who was famous
when she died in 1950, fell into oblivion a few decades later, despite
her extraordinary achievements.

What are the 5 hottest trends
in the Beauty Shop industry in

1. Mullet haircut trend for

When we ask hairdressers what haircut in Beauty
trends they
predict for 2020, you might be surprised that Mullet’s famous haircut
is mentioned multiple times.

The iconic haircut was popular in the ’80s Beauty
, and if you
weren’t sporting the business on the front and the party on the back,
you weren’t living in the’ 80s.

It’s no wonder that a new, more modern mullet is naturally progressing
from the drapery trend.

With so many options and possible length variations, we may see mullet
becoming the top haircut trend in 2020 in Beauty

We’d love to hear your thoughts on whether you think mullet is only
shown in 2020. Tell us below in the comments if you think this is a
good 2020 hairdressing industry trend.


2. Think of the professionals
in permanent Beauty Shop

Another highly recommended hairstyling trend for 2020 is the permanent
wave.Manyists think that the permanent will be accessible again in the new

If you don’t see the trend here, let me shed some light on it. It seems
like it was the 80s again.Customers who visit the Beauty Shop
ask for low-maintenance haircut
that is comfortable to wear.

Stylists across the country are looking to past generations for
inspiration, and what they are discovering is that perms are the
solution. Who’s really to say if perms will become Beauty
in the next few
months, but one thing is, certain precautions must be taken when
working with clients with highlighted hairstyle.

If you are thinking of offering your clients the option of a permanent
in 2020, you can do a little research.We haven’t seen the trend of the perm in some time. Perhaps our
predictions will come true for the hairdressing industry trends in
2020. Time will tell!


3. Straight dark brown

More than a few stylists suggested that straight dark one-length
hairstyle would be famous in 2020.A natural progression for those who want to lose length. Go for a more
luxurious and sophisticated look.

Although it is not a new trend, it is one that stands the test of time
for celebrities like Kylie Jenner.I like the idea of ​​a medium length straight dark ash brown hairstyle
color with some fine baby highlights.

It’s a custom trend that only selected people will be able to wear.
Keep an eye out for this hairstyle trend in 2020.
straight dark brown hairstyle

4. Healthier Hairstyle Color
Options for 2020

Both customers and hairdressers are requesting healthier hairstyle
color options, and professional brands are listening.

Trends in the hairdressing industry are changing more frequently.
Clients want the option of moving with them without destroying nothing.

Companies are developing beautifully pigmented shades like Color
Intensity.Products that help rebuild each strand to
ensure healthy-looking hairstyle after each service.There are products that has been the go-to bond builder for the past
few years. Allows maximum lightening with a minimal damage.

5. Short bowl cut trends for

We don’t want to leave out the more adventurous clients who require
attention.On the streets of New York and London, we have seen more and more crops
in women of all ages.

But not only in women, but also in men, they also sport short bowl cuts.
The bowl cut is a flexible haircut that can be worn with a short or
long bangs.

Haircut combed back or with a part l

Source: Hair Salon Pro

Beauty Bar

Beauty Bar

In 1995 the concept ‘Beauty Bar‘ was founded in NY, a place that functions as a beauty salon, but where customers can also have a drink and have a good time

It was a beauty salon for 44 years until in the spring of 1995 its then owner, served the first cocktail and founded the concept of Beauty Bar in New York. .

“If you see the old sign, this was first Beauty Salon, it started out as a beauty salon, but now we do special manicures and martinis,” says Justin, bar manager.

Today it has an eclectic clientele, of women who can get their manicures at 11 at night and young people who accompany them with a Martini. The menu is extensive.

“I think the reason it’s so popular is that when you go to a normal nail salon it’s a bit boring, but if you can come with your friends, have a drink and get a manicure at the same time, that makes everything faster and faster … much more fun, explains the bar manicurist.

By preserving the design of your salon, this is still a misnomer for some, who are surprised to find a bar inside.

The fame of the Beauty Bar has crossed borders and has not only spread throughout the country, but is also among the recommended places for tourists from all over the world.

The Beauty Bar concept was born in New York 17 years ago and today it has thousands of clients, the majority between 21 and 30 years old and one of the favorite manicures is the one that resembles the color of an eggplant regardless of the season.

Source: noticieros televisa esmas.com

Hairdressing trends for 2021: midi manes, natural tones and dark colors

The straight Style and the surf ripples hit hard next season. The experts are already preparing to present their proposals at Salón Look, the International Image and Integral Aesthetics Exhibition.

In World War I it was nurses on both fronts who popularized the bob haircut for hygienic reasons. Then it was the dancers and the so-called flappers – liberated middle-class women with a lively social life – who promoted this style of half-length hair the most in the 20s of the last century. His heirs were fans of The Beatles and The Rolling Stone in the sixties, and this continued for decades, until 2013, when this sophisticated cut returned from the hand of top model Karlie Kloss. The mannequin snipped her 8-inch hair and raised her cache several zeros. Cutting a midi hair was renamed “becoming a Karlie”, and other celebrities imitated it without shame: Selena Gómez, Mónica Belucci, Maisie Williams, Bella Hadid …

The trends in hairdressing for this 2020 also go through recovering this trend initiated by Kloss, as confirmed by A. Garrido, ambassador of a Spanish company of products and professional hairdressing tools: straight, the bob straight. This time the demand is below the maxilla and above the shoulder, very little scaling and even with bangs. Surfer ripples and colors with natural color degradations are also worn ”. He will also be one of the guests at Salón Look, which will take place from October 16 to 18.

Beauty Parlour A sector in full renovation

Positivity, color and more daring for this new era, where awareness of hair health care and the work of stylists will be established even more in the consumer’s daily life. In fact, in Spain, the hairdressing sector employs more than 150,000 people directly and last year had a turnover of 4,100 million euros, according to Stanpa (National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics).

There are more than 48,200 hairdressing salons in Spain, many of which are already being adapted for the immediate future. “The hairdresser today is in a process of change and transformation, he is finding his new space, I think the trend will be to decrease the number of professionals, but instead they will be better trained and with very well equipped salons”, explains A. Garrido. This renovation includes the use of social networks, especially Facebook or Instagram, where many stylists are becoming digital celebrities.

Tends for Beauty Parlors Naturalness and shine in the hair

Luminous chestnut, natural blonde, wow effects in bleached … The color trends for 2021 are also continuous. “The effortless effect arrives with very natural and fresh looks in color, which actually entail a much more exhaustive work on the part of the professional, but give the feeling of being absolutely casual and little thought […]. The points of light will gain weight with the sophistication of techniques such as Balayage ”, says R.Ramos, of L’Oréal Professional Products.

Despite the indicated trend, experts are announcing that dark bases are returning and regaining their importance after years of hegemony of light and blonde tones. In fact, they confirm from L’Oréal Professional Products that Google searches for dark colors have increased by 40%, so brands are already preparing to respond.

S., Education Manager of Hairdresser, confirms that “the shades are directed to warm and cold browns, blondes, subtle copper tones… Multitonality is sought, avoiding flat colors, and care and shine are enhanced, leaving behind the opaque and dense colors ”. In fact, the industry is placing special emphasis on recovering shiny and healthy: “The public demands a return to naturalness, with subtle coloring and lightening techniques that achieve a natural result,” concludes the expert.

Sustainability in the hairdressing sector

Another challenge for the sector is the sustainability of all products, not only in content, but also on the continent. Houses like L’Oréal Productos Profesionales have already confirmed that by 2025 all their products will be 100% recyclable and, at least, 50% of the plastic will be recycled or from organic matter, such as sugar cane. “Sustainability is a priority axis in the development of our products, in fact each new product that we put on the market has to have a social or environmental profile

Source: ifema

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I’ve been coming here for over 2 years and it is honestly the best salon ever. They do absolutely everything, hair dying, Keratin treatments, haircut, and most importantly…extensions! I get my extensions for volume since I like my short hair. I get the keratin tip extensions and they last me about 4 months. I also do my Keratin here, they do an amazing job! They install them and cut them the same length as my hair. Every single person in the salon is amazing. I don’t see myself ever going to any other salon.

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I was a little skeptical after reading a recent review but decided to give them a try since they had so many good reviews. I have been wearing extensions for 4+ years and have tried various different salons in Miami. I must say, not only is the quality of the hair superb but my hair stylist Gerardo really went above and beyond to give me the best service.
He took his time, answered all my questions and did beautiful work on my hair, He mixed some colors and my hair looks beautiful and natural really good gentle hands I found my new hair stylist ??Happy Client!! Thanks Gerardo I’ll see you soon ??


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This place was recommended to me by my friend that does her extensions here. I’m 56 now, and my hair is thinning, so I decided to go. A very nice young lady named Deborah attended me, she did a great job. I’m very happy with the results. My husband loves it and I’ve gotten many compliments. I definitely recommend this place and will return.

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