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clip in hair extensions miami

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clip in hair extensions miami

Clip extensions: versatile and durable

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Clip extensions are an effective solution to achieve more length and greater volume in your hair quickly, easily and comfortably. For this reason and in order to convince you of the advantages of its use, today we are going to deal with all the issues related to clip extensions: what types are there, how are they put, reasons to choose them and care guidelines so that they are always kept in perfect state. Here we go!

Types of clip extensions:

When we talk about clip extensions, we are talking about traditional curtain extensions (strands of hair stitched) but placed with small clips instead of staples or rings. In this way, we can put on and take off our extensions whenever we want and without having to resort to a hairdresser (something that is fundamental for the extensions with rings or keratin).

The clip extensions that we put at your disposal can be:

With straight hair They are available in the Casual line, for those who have very straight hair, and in the Premium line, for those who have straight hair but wave it with a diffuser.
Curly hair For those who have very curly hair, available in the Casual line and in the Premium.
How clip extensions are put
You have to acquire your favorite curtain extensions on one side and the clips on the other. We have triangular and rectangular clips. Once placed in the extensions and you can attach them to your own hair, both to take it loose as to make a ponytail or a collected. In this video you can see how easy it is to put on clip extensions. You can do it yourself!