Coral Gables Best Natural Hair Extensions

Coral Gables Best Natural Hair Extensions

Coral Gables Best Natural Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the fad in hairstyling nowadays. Everyone just wants some hair extensions as part of their outfit of the day. Luckily, there is Coral Gables best natural hair extensions. It offers unbelievably natural hair extensions that can make human remy hair that are not damaging to the natural hair—and it is also invisible! Coral Gables best natural hair extensions offers various services for their clients. Here are they:

Clip-in hair extensions

If you want to grow your hair in length, volume and thickness, you should go for clip-in hair extensions. Siutse Hair Extensions located in Miami provides easy-to-clip hair extensions. All it takes is 5 minutes to put on the clip-in hair extensions.

Seamless Tape System

Coral Gables best natural hair extensions came from human Remy hair. They are proud of their efficient self-adhesive system, because unlike other hair extensions, it does not easily fall. Also, this hair extension does not require heat to make your hair secure. This type of hair extension stays for up to 10 weeks, and all it takes is 35 minutes to apply this amazing hair extension.

Keratin System

This hair extension is also made from human remy hair. This type of Coral Gables best natural hair extensions is designed at one end with one layer of keratin to be combined with the hair of the client. This hair extension can last up to 6 months. Keratin is known as a fiber protein found in the natural hair

Aside from innovative hair extension services, Siutse Hair Extension Salon & Store in Miami is equipped with professional hair stylists and hair extensions technicians with more than 12 years experience in the industry. The team promises to provide all their clients with the most natural hair extensions that they want.

You can contact them at Coral Gables (305) 4562989 – North Miami Beach (305) 949-1762 if you want to experience high quality hair extension services.