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Weft hair extensions are traditionally referred to as “machine weft,” which is a long piece of hair extensions that are sewn together. This is cut into sections to fit a person’s head. It is sewn to a braid that is made by a professional hairdresser and several rows are added until the desired thickness is reached.


There are also more modern versions of weft hair extensions, such as the weft microbeads, which is the same concept as the machine weave, except that there are silicon microspheres sewn into the weft line every two centimeters. Therefore, instead of sewing it to the hair, it is crimped exactly the same as the I-tip method.

Another method is the skin weft, which is completely different, comes from the family of hair extensions with tape and basically has pieces of 4 centimeters and it seems that hair is growing from the ribbon. This method is excellent for people with very thin hair or anyone who is quite wary of people who recognize that they use hair extensions.

I hope this description so far allows you to understand briefly what are the extensions of hair weft. You may also be interested in who uses hair weft extensions and who installs them. They are more traditional methods of hair extensions that some salons expect, then, on the other hand, have salons that only make the plot of your machine. You should also be very careful with many salons that have inexpensive machine weft hair extensions because I have heard quite a lot of disaster stories. And once you have your hair, you will need a professional to remove it. Really be careful about the price you spend on raster hair extensions. It seems that the clientele who get hair extensions from weft are generally younger women, perhaps 14 to 17 years of age, usually for the price. Over time they will be presented with more advanced methods, such as hair extensions with adhesive tape or hair extensions with skin weft, as they grow older they can pay for the service and extensions.

So, if you have further questions about the plot extensions, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service. Our specialist will be happy to assist you with any other questions you may have. If you need the color of your hair to match, use our free color matching service.

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