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Implanted extensions

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Implanted extensions

Hair extension

Implanted extensions

Adhesion of extensions

The hair extensions are strands of hair that are attached to the hair to give volume and / or length. It is a very common solution among women (fundamentally) who seek a change of look either for specific moments or longer term.

The average length of hair extensions is usually between 2 to 3 months, depending on the speed of growth of each person’s hair.


There are capillary extensions of various types:

Adhesive hair extensions: are composed of adhesive strips that are fixed to the scalp safely and without damaging the hair. They are very popular in hairdressers and salons because of their good result.

Keratin hair extensions: is the solution that lasts longer. They are fixed to the root of our own hair by applying heat. They adhere strand by strand through the attachment points that carry a keratin application, which melts to join the hair.

Branch hair extensions: they are widely used by celebrities to attend events and galas. They are very easy to place (always by an expert) thanks to their different fastening systems: staples, sewn or clips.
Removable and removable extensions: as the name suggests, removable extensions are the easiest to place, since you can do it in minutes. They are the most popular because of the possibility of changing the look at any time. In addition, you can choose between clips or elastic thread fixing systems.

Volume extensions: it is the ideal solution for women with fine hair or lack of capillary density. They have more permanent fixing systems such as adhesives, micro-points or cable, or semi-permanent with clip application.
All these extensions can be found both natural hair and synthetic hair.

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